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Beaches in Filicudi Filicudi

beach of filicudi porto

Beaches in Filicudi Far from the most navigated routes, if you land on Filicudi, it is only for choice, or even better for the desire to immerge into a pristine and wild nature, where typical beaches, but also little and cosy coves, transform the island into a unique scenery. Undoubtedly, the sea is one of the principal attractions, and the principal support of the island. To fully enjoy all the beauties of Filicudi it is advised to use a boat, necessary to reach evocative glimpses, as Grotta del Bue Marino; in past it was thought to be the hiding place…

Beaches of Alicudi Alicudi

Beaches of Alicudi The idea of wild lands refer to those atmospheres where the unique noble lady and mistress is the nature. Alicudi is the concretisation of the idea of wild nature, a paradise between sky and earth, and a small village, Alicudi Porto, situated on the eastern coast of the island, an area where other beaches are situated. The beach of Alicudi Porto The beach of Alicudi Porto is mostly made up of boulders. The mentioned site is not hard to reach on foot; its waters are crystalline and the background of this wonderful natural sight is constituted by…

Beaches of Vulcano Vulcano

beach asino

Beaches of Vulcano Black sand The island of Vulcano is famous almost all over the world for its black beaches, Porto di Ponente, called so for the sand’s colour of volcanic origin. Crystalline sea waters are like a mirror for the intense black lava stones, which do not deny, under the sun rays, that effect so similar to crystals; all this only for tourists’ pleasure who love to enjoy the spontaneous artistic production of nature which creates and offers superior sights, for purity and beauty, in comparison to those created by man.   Fumarole beach Fumarole beach is peculiar because…

Beaches and sea Panarea

Beaches and sea of Panarea The small island of Panarea is an ideal place to fully enjoy the attractive coast both for those who like to relax in a real corner of paradise, and especially for all those fond of snorkelling and immersions; of rocky coasts, rich of creeks and suggestive glimpses. The beaches reachable on foot from the inhabited centre are all situated on the eastern and the southern side of the island; the rest of the island is steep and is quite totally inaccessible. The other beaches are situated on the near isles of Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca,…

Salina – beaches and sea Salina

Salina beaches  and sea Undoubtedly the sea is one of the principal attractions, and even if there are a few beaches, this fact will not change your idea about laying, and enjoying a pristine sea. In the Legambiente and Touring Club classifications, published by the Guida Blu 2014, the island of Salina is collocated at the second national place concerning the most beautiful beaches as a landscape, and for all the activities of environmental safeguard. The beach of Scario Situated in the commune of Malfa, the beach of Scario is only 5 minutes away from the residential centre on foot….

Beaches of Lipari Lipari

Beaches of Lipari It is situated on the southern point of the island, near to Punta Crepazza. This uncontaminated paradise can be reached only by boat. Its main characteristic is that is particularly sandy, with some pebbles. Its crystalline waters are perfect for snorkelling, i.e. swimming in surface, using a snorkel. It is a beach which extend along the coastal part full of creeks and bays, which follow each other as far as the rock of Lipari, not far away from Marina Corta port. Canneto Beach, 3 km northern away , is situated on the eastern coast of the city….