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The Climate of the Aeolians Islands

The climate of the Aeolian Islands is always temperate, typical of the central-Mediterranean zones, influenced both by its latitude and geographical position, and by the presence of the sea. During winter days the thermometer does not goes under 14°, and the summers are never torrid because mitigated by marine breeze. The medium temperatures vary from 14°C during the winter period (December/ January), to 20° C of the spring season (April-May), to 27°C during the summer season (July), and to 21°C of the autumn season (October).

The medium annual temperature varies from 21° and 16°C. Annual thermic ranges, being the lowest in Italy, are moderated thanks to the sea’s action which holds summer hot temperatures, in order to emit them during winter period. Precipitations are not plentiful, and are well-shared out in about 50-90 days a year of rain, with a maximum climax during winter season. The month with a minor number of rainy days is July (0,6), while January (11,2) and December (11,1) represent the most rainy months, followed by November (9,1). Snow precipitations are really rare. Lacking atmospheric precipitations and water springs, drinkable water is provided by ships coming from near coasts of Sicily, or obtained from rain water, gathered in specific tanks.

Predominant winds in the annual media are the northwest wind and the sirocco, or the south-east. The sky is clear for 70% of summer days, in winter for 25%, in spring for 35%, and in autumn for 50%. Annual medium humidity is of 71%, with minimal values in August (69%), and maximum in May (73%). The most suitable period to visit the Aeolian Islands is very long: it goes from the half of April till the end of October, even if here the tourism quite never stops, especially on the greatest islands. It is possible to swim even in May or in October, when water temperature about 20°C.