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Excursions Lipari

From the Sottomonastero Port it is possible to start visiting Lipari island to enjoy an amazing sight between the blue of the sea, and the caves. The tour goes on up to the hill of Castello, to arrive to Marina Corta. From Saint Giuseppe Church to the extreme point of Crepazza, the rocky and steep coast gives birth to amazing beaches. Just think about Portinente cove and the extreme point of Capistello. Once passed Crepazza you arrive to one of the most beautiful parts of the Lipari island where you can admire the amazing Vinci Beach. The peculiarity of this beach is its position; in front of it there is a promontory with the rocks of Pietralunga, Pietramenalda, and Brigghio. The tour goes on between wonderful creeks; in fact, on the slopes of the mount Mazzacaruso it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful creeks of the whole island: the Fico cove, that one next to the extreme point of Cugno, to then interrupt at the extreme point of Palmeto.

This is one of the possible routes to explore the island via sea. The beauty of Lipari, such as of the other Aeolian Islands, can be discovered in different ways. Via earth, for example, you can discover other types of beauty. It deals with different ways of discovering, compared to boat excursion. For the fans of long excursions, three hours on foot from Castellaro, it is possible to admire the charming view which the Pianoconte fraction offers. Going through the vineyards “O Castiddaru” you arrive to the Caolino Cave. After a break at the church, where you can admire a suggestive view of Salina, Alicudi, and Filicudi, going towards S. Calogero, enjoy “ A Petra o Vagnu”, and

O Cola Ficu”. At S. Calogero hot springs it is possible to visit the Mycenaean Tholos, a structure built 3500 years ago, and a Roman pool. Another amazing place is, undoubtedly, Lami. This fraction is reachable, leaving from Canneto, in two hours of walking. Surely the path is not very comfortable, but the goal deserves all the efforts done to reach it. It is one of the island’s zones with a major number of extinct volcanoes, now covered with the typical Mediterranean vegetation, and vineyards. Once overpassed the Church of Madonna del Rosario, and once reached the locality “U Cavaddazzu a Rina”, it is possible to admire the amazing lava coulees, thrusting into the sea.