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One of the most famous and aspired destinations of the international tourism ,Panarea enchants from ages wayfarers, artists, musicians, and stylists, who transformed it into an ideal scenery where to spend their holidays. A mix of history , nature, culture, and social life, which melt together to give you a unique atmosphere… Welcome to Panarea, 3,5 sq. km full of charm and beauty, where the joyful islander’s vitality will donate you both moments of full social life and sensations of peace and fulfilment, while discovering lone paths and small inhabited isles. Its coasts, so beautiful as the sea which surrounds them, are the evidence of the tumultuous past made of conquers and piracy , which influenced not only the island’s aspect, but also its inhabitants’ temper and traditions. Panarea is an ideal stay both for those who like a background of joyful social life in luxurious hotels, trendy locations, manifestations and sea sports, and for those who conceive their holiday as a moment of absolute relax, immerged into nature, and far away from the modern life’s frenzy. On the island it is when the sun no more shines, and the black night starts, and the streets are full of persons that the locations become illuminated , and the music louder. The centre of social life is San Pietro, the glamour core of the Aeolians, full of usual nocturnal sounds where the vacationers invade the most trendy pubs to taste an aperitif, before immerging themselves into the involving sound of the island’s discos.

Panarea island