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Stromboli boating

The history of Stromboli as the entire archipelago revolves around the sea, as a source of income, employment and news. Cinema in the sixties showed the undeniable and important link between these islands and their vocation to fishing and seafaring. In 1960 the team Panaria Film with remarkable spirit of adventure, made the first underwater shots, with the intention to explore a world only known to a small circle of enthusiasts. The vocation of this people to the sea and the close connection formed over thousands of years have marked the culture, that is still visible in the local traditions. The primary need for thousands of years forced the inhabitants into the sea, an unlimited source of food, that bond was transformed into a relationship so strong that the two are now one, visible to all those who venture in the archipelago. Taking to the waters of which sink rapidly over two thousand meters is a unique experience that will satisfy you completely, but navigating the Aeolian without paying attention to the dangers that lead you to find unpleasant surprises. be careful of the dry rock between Punta Lena and Strombolicchio; the rock that sticks out at Punta Lambronzo, located about 100 m. from the coast and the forbidden zone between Punta Lambronzo and Punta Chiappe staying 500m. from the shore to avoid falling boulders. anchoring and fishing is prohibited in the area adjacent to Point Lena due to the presence of under water cables. Stromboli, the northernmost island of the archipelago with a circumnavigation of nine miles,that consists of two residential units, the first takes its name from the island itself, the second, Ginostra, is located in the south-west. The main moorings of the island are Scari and Ginostra, but there are other two piers in the area of Ficogrande, one is used by a tanker that supplies water to the entire island, and the other was the old port is now partially silted recommended when there are southerly winds.

Pier of Scari:

a pier fifty feet long, this is the main port of the island, but fully exposed to all weather conditions. The dock is used for unloading of ferries and hydrofoils, and allows temporary landing permits. Pay attention to the remains of an old metal sbarcatoio; in this area is possible to fill up with fuel and water. The area near the old harbor is full of restaurants, hotels, bars, supermarkets.

Pier of Ficogrande:

Sea bed: sandy. Depths: dock from 2 to 9 m

In the Bay of Ficogrande are two piers, one is restricted to the tanker that supplies water to the entire island and the other allows fishing and pleasure boat sto moor. The pier is partially silted up and is recommended in case of wind from the south. Il porto di Ginostra: the port is located in the south-west and until a few years ago held the record for smallest port in the world, in 2004 a second jetty was built to facilitate the disembarkation. The new pier was built for hydrofoils and ferries and doesn’t allow people to stop there, this can be done in pertuso (the area that corresponds to the old port), embedded in rock that can contain only three small boats at a time. The port does not offer any facilities, a long staircase however will lead you to the residential area where there are few restaurants, a bar and a shop. Less than one hundred meters from the port there is a buoy that you can tie off to. Pay attention to the small port of Ginostra, and operate with extreme caution, the dimensions are very limited, and there are many sharp rocks.


If you want to anchor, there are not many places where you can do it due to the great depth of water. Below you will find places where you can. The best place to anchor is located in Ficogrande, infront of the restaurant at the Tartana, easily visable from sea. East of Punta Lena, facing the visible fishing boats hauled up to shore, the depths are around twenty meters. About 100 m from the port of Ginostra a rocky irregular twenty meters will allow you to drop anchor. Docks on the island are absent but during the summer there are buoys operated by Sabbienere transfer service that will allow you to leave the boat safely and enjoy the magical atmosphere that this Island offers.

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