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The Museum of Panarea

The museum of Panarea, a detached section of the Bernabo Brea Museum of Lipari, rises in a small locality composed of two halls belonging to Saint Pietro Church, once used as a storage and as a tank. The finds collocated there were all discovered in Panarea and adjacent isles, and are concerned with both historical and geological island’s evolution. The first hall greets us with an introduction of the geological and volcanologic history by means of illustrative tables and minerals which show the evolution of the wide volcanic complex. In the same room there are finds dating back to the Neolithic and to the Bronze Age, found near the prehistoric village of Punta Milazzese, in Piano Quartara, and in Calcara. In the second room of particular interest are: the funeral sets from the Drautto necropolis; two funeral pieces dating back to the V and the IV B.C., one of which found in Basiluzzo; the Greek-Italic amphora, dating back to the IV-III B.C.; some vases with black lacquering, found in a shipwreck of Dattilo, sank in the IV B.C: ; some amphora dating back to the I B.C., found in a shipwreck of Alberti, and dulcis in fundo, a piece of anchor.