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Vulcano aeolian islandsVulcano, among all, is the island referring to that ideal relationship of man with the primeval, the need to feel himself a part of nature which includes all the necessary of psycho-physical welfare of man. The man’s action, operated on the island, is applicable as agreement and a perfect balance, strongly wanted by those who love this kind of paradise. Only great technique and nature are able to release this kind of purpose: to interfere with the environment, without however damaging the nature, with the only purpose to find out the already present resources. It is not a case that it is possible to enjoy the benefits of thermal and sulphurous waters. Vulcano dominates the island, watches over it as an old guardian, the heir of a mythological fashion given it by the Greek and the Roman who, for its presence, called the island “terra calda” (Terasia). The peak is reachable on foot by those who love trekking and nature. The unique price to pay is the effort. It is not such a high price to pay, a little of effort, to admire this wonderful landscape, isn’t it? A perfect picture of the sky and the sea, whose colours mix to those of other six isles; you can also admire a mighty volcano of Stromboli which seems to send the signs of vapour to the visitors who look at him from the opposite peak. The natural sky, thanks to the presence of sulphurous waters and for Apollo who kisses and controls the beloved south, makes Vulcano famous for its thermal waters, and black sand beaches.

The island like you’ve never seen: