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Excursions in Filicudi

Filicudi, together with its sister Alicudi, is the most pristine and wild of the Aeolian Islands, a favourite destination for the lovers of nature still today pristine and full of amazing landscapes. From 1997 the island is declared, quite entirely, a natural protected preserve. The tourists fond of holidays in wild style increase every year on Filicudi because the island, with its 9,5 sq. km, offers various tours on foot. Recently various other paths were marked out; between them, of particular interest, the path leading to Fossa delle Felci, and that one of an evocative village, now abandoned, of Zucco Grande.

Monte Fossa delle Felci

  • Travel time: 90min
  • Difficulty: medium

The tour you should never miss is the ascent of Mount Fossa delle Felci, the already extinct volcano, whose height of 771 m represents the highest peak of the whole island. Moving from Filicudi Port you cross an ancient mule track paved in lava stone, where you can observe the amazing landscape of Capo Graziano leading to Valdichiesa locality, named so after the presence of Saint Stefano Church, whose construction was finished in 1897 upon the ruins of the old church. From this point, the traditional Aeolian houses, situated under the slopes of Mount Terrione, give an evocative view of the underlying coast. Going forward, in a few minutes, the path leads to a square near Liscio village, where a mule track leading to Fossa delle Felci forks; it is called so because in past it was covered with the namesake plant. Moving from the path you will find yourselves immerged into a nature such luxuriant and wild, principally compound of strawberry trees, heather bushes, and giant chestnut trees, which, in most luxuriant expanses, give the sensation of overwhelming. Suddenly, on the right, you will see a path, which in 20 minutes will lead you to the peak of Filicudi. Once reached the mount’s peak, in a few minutes, moving in the north-eastern direction, it is possible to reach a panoramic point, from where to enjoy beautiful landscapes of Alicudi Island and of imposing rock, La Canna, which with its 71m of height, arises as a guardian in order to protect the island.

Zucco Grande, Vallone Fontana e Case Ficcarisi

  • Travel time: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: medium

The visit of Zucco Grande village, more than an excursion, is a great walk to discover the north-eastern side of Filicudi. Moving from Valdichiesa, in around an hour, you will find yourselves in Zucco Grande village, an ancient prehistoric village, now abandoned, and overwhelmed by wild nature. In past this zone was populated by nearly 300 people, and thanks to some archaeological findings, it also was a favourite zone of Greek populations, which settled there. Between the ruins of the little village of Zucco Grande locality, almost quite totally covered with vegetation, there is a disquieting silence, broken only by ravens’ croaking and by the wind’s rustle, shaking the branches of trees. From Zucco Grande, a small path leads to Vallone Fontana, called so for the presence of a small spring of water, collocated inside the cave which creates a very evocative landscape glimpse; you can refresh yourselves after hours of long walks. From Zucco Grande location, another mule track forks and allows you to arrive to Case Ficcarisi where to admire a luxuriant vegetation, mostly composed of heather bushes, rockroses, strawberry trees, and wild roses. This locality is called after a little settlement which once was situated there. Moving a few steps you arrive to a panoramic view, from where to admire the complex of isles dominated by La Canna and Montenassarie, the lava gullies of Filo del Branco.