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Diving Alicudi

The island you go, the scuba diving you find! The small pearl of the Aeolians, Alicudi, offers the possibility of magnificent underwater scenery, and within range of less expert skin-divers.

Cigliata di tramontana

The difficulty of diving, called “la cigliata di tramontana”, is low. It is about the maximum depth of 30m. It is necessary to moor on a seabed of about 8m. Once started the immersion it is possible to immediately notice a kind of natural stair which permits the access to the whole “cigliata”. The seabed is composed of stretch of walls and very near boulders, among which it is possible to admire octopuses. The creeps of these walls give hospitality to lobsters, morays, groupers, sponges, Astroides, and Cladonia crinita. Their beauty does not hide in shades, crystalline waters facilitate the delight of these amazing views.