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Excursions on the western side of Alicudi


excursions alicudiAlicudi is the furthest island. It is directed towards west and is surrounded only by the offing. The landscapes of Alicudi give full and strong colours, unique sensations which permit to come in a straight contact with nature. The port is the unique plain point, and is easily travelable. In order to visit the rest of the island it is necessary to climb hundreds of stairs. We remember that the mule tracks of Alicudi, even today, are crossed only by mules, unique means of transport suitable for the place. Passing through the San Bartolo Church you arrive to Sgurbio. Going beyond Sgurbio you reach Bazzina beach. Alicudi is a staircase over the sea. The islands of Filicudi and Alicudi are the obligatory stop for anyone who wants to discover those places where nature rules. In Alicudi it is possible to discover the beauty of smells and typically marine flavours; in fact, it is possible to hire a boat, in order to organize the nocturnal fishing of lesser yellowlegs. If fishing is profitable, you will have the privilege to eat fresh fish. After all, on the island as Alicudi fresh fish is a king of dishes!

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