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A pristine sea, charming sunsets, which seem to disappear into the sea; colours, perfumes, and tastes, make of this island a right dimension to have a holiday there. From the Sicilian coast, you can easily identify Salina thanks to the contours of its two mountains, situated there. That’s the reason why the Greeks called it Didyme (twins), but only when you near it, you fully appreciate the real identity of this place; more the soil’s island than the sea’s one. The Aeolian Garden, far away from the reflector’s lights, and avoiding busy rhythms of the modern life, is a cosy green oasis, enchanting for its lush nature, and for its traditions jealously kept.


The farmer’s vocation of the Salina’s inhabitants is found in the whole territory, wisely shaped and used to cultivate Malvasia vineyard, capers’ shrub, citrus groves, and gardens in blossom, a deep expression of a folk , which preserved its own identity, and its traditions. You’ll be seduced by awesome peaks, where observing stars becomes a singular experience, by volcanoes, by unusual landscapes shaped by mighty nature, and by cosy beaches, which will induce you for relaxing baths into crystal Tyrrhenian waters. Salina is an ideal place to taste Aeolian culinary traditions, which find their expression in products of extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, as capers and the Malvasia, “the nectar of Gods”, while small fishers’ villages will reveal you an essential union between the inhabits, the soil and the sea. Salina plays a strategic role for all those who search an itinerant trip, to explore the whole archipelago because situated in the heart of the Aeolians.