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Malvasia’s Tour – Salina Standard

malvasia tour

Malvasia’s Tour – Salina Duration: 2 days Location: Salina Best season: September-October Salina, from everlasting called the green island, is a seat of an already extinct volcano, whose regular, but at the same time, sharp traces, shape the territory and nourish the soil, giving birth to the nectar known as Malvasia of Lipari. This tour offers the rediscovery of places and traditions bound to Malvasia. In a few days you will have the possibility to taste flavours dating back to ancient times. Brief History of Malvasia The farmer’s calling and the well-being, produced by them are evident in the political…

Transport Salina Standard

Salina transport In Salina an internal connection system to connect different island communes and the small island fractions, is present; the agency offering the service is C.I.T.I.S., (the inter-commune consortium of Salina communes), which connects by bus line all the communes of Santa Marina, Malfa, and Leni. Local transport   View Larger Map

Geology of Salina Standard

Geology of Salina The volcanic origin of this island is evident; the clear demonstration of it are the three mounts which compound it: Mount Fossa delle Felci on the east together with Mount Rivi on one side, and the third mount on the west separated by the creek, Mount dei Porri (860m high). The two twin mountains making part of the Salina island represent the first and the third peaks of the archipelago, and the contribution of this lush are the passing clouds, which are captured by high peaks, in order to give humidity to the soil. The island is…

History of Salina Standard

History of Salina The history of Salina, such as that of the whole archipelago, tells a tumultuous past which saw from the V millennium B.C., a succession of settings, conquests, raids, and piracy, which shaped the entity of this folk. The current name is attributable to the Romans, who used a small lake of Lingua called salina to extract salt. Previously, the Greeks called it Didyme (twins), whose name represented the characteristic aspect of the island with two high nearly identic peaks. The first evidences of a pre-historical settlement date back to the last centuries of the V millennium B.C…..

Diving Salina Standard

Diving at Salina The Aeolians, the 7 pearls of the volcanic origin situated in deep waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea a few miles away from the Sicilian coast. The archipelago has always attracted sailors and tourists from all over the world, for its unique landscape, for its historical evidence, and for its crystalline waters full of life, and of contrasts, and for its sea beds which keep a tumultuous history made of eruptions, seaquakes, invasions, and pirates. Despite the touristic vocation that this destination has developed in the last 50 years, it was able to preserve a wild nature, and…

Boating Salina Standard

Boating Salina Salina is the second island of the archipelago as extension, separated from Lipari by a channel of 2km, where the depth is not superior of 400m. Situated in the central position it assumes a strategic role; an ideal point of reconnaissance for those who want to explore the isles without giving up a well-equipped touristic boathouse, and a village able to satisfy every kind of need. The island is easily discoverable thanks to its two mighty mountains: Mount Fossa delle Felci, and Mount Porri, which respectively represent the first and the third highest peaks of the Aeolians. Salina…

The Civic Museum of Santa Marina Standard

The Civic Museum of Santa Marina Paying a ticket to travel through history is possible only thanks to museums. Each museum is a magic place , a crossing of different chronologies, a joint of various sceneries whose fashion consists in the fact that man is the main character, in his every form and variation. The millenary traces of the man are kept in museums, the precious treasures permitting to know the geniality, the creativity, and the great beauty which crosses the whole man’s history, from the pre-history till nowadays. On the amazing island of Salina , in Santa Marina, you…

The Emigration Museum of Malfa Standard

The Emigration Museum of Malfa The 19th century is an important historical period for more points of view, and particularly for the migration waves. They used to emigrate for various motivations, and the destination chosen by the emigrants mostly were overseas; just think about millions of emigrants in Australia and in America. The Emigration Museum of Malfa has a collection of documents, photos, and films, showing the causes of the migration phenomenon of the Aeolians’ inhabits at the end of the 19th century. Yellowed cloths, yellowed registers’ pages, where you can still read the names of the emigrants, and the…

Salina excursions Standard

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Salina excursions Salina, not without a reason, called the “green pearl”, has the richest vegetation of the whole archipelago, making it an unmissable destination for all the lovers of the nature. The second island has the first and the third peaks in extension of the whole archipelago; the territory is green even in summer thanks to its mounts’ action, which steal humidity from clouds giving it back to the soil. The climate, milder because of the sea’s action, even in winter period, is sunny , and the temperatures rarely go under 10°C. In spring the nature awakes from the winter’s…

Salina – beaches and sea Standard

Salina beaches  and sea Undoubtedly the sea is one of the principal attractions, and even if there are a few beaches, this fact will not change your idea about laying, and enjoying a pristine sea. In the Legambiente and Touring Club classifications, published by the Guida Blu 2014, the island of Salina is collocated at the second national place concerning the most beautiful beaches as a landscape, and for all the activities of environmental safeguard. The beach of Scario Situated in the commune of Malfa, the beach of Scario is only 5 minutes away from the residential centre on foot….