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Diving at Stromboli

The Aeolian Islands, the seven pearls of volconic origin located in the deep waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea a few miles from the Sicilian coast. The archipelago has always attracted sailors and tourists from all over the world for its unique landscapes, its history, its clear waters and rich life, full of contrasts and a history full of eruptions, tidal waves, invasions and piracy. Despite the tourist destination that has developed over the past 50 years has managed to preserve a wild and uncontaminated sea. The depths from contrasting white pumice to those blacks of volcanic origin; a coastline full of cliffs and caves, coves, and the waters full of life witnessed the wrecks of time,

The Strombolicchio

Depth: min 4 – max 55; Difficulty: very hard; Current: medium; Visibility: very good The Strombolicchio, is a magical place in itself and as the symbol of Stromboli it deserves to be explored below the surface. it is possible to schedule two dives around the slopes of the islet: the first on the south-east where a wall of volcanic rock full of life sinks vertically to a depth of 50 m; the second on the south-west where the wall is rich with cracks and crevices. When diving around the Strombolicchio is easy to see fish, bream, grouper, barracuda, bream and sea urchins ; plus there are also many benthic organisms such as parazoanthus, and astroides clavelline. The last lives only in an environment totally free from pollution.

La Sciara del Fuoco

Depth: 11 min – max 44;: difficult, Visibility: excellent; Current: medium A unique and fascinating dive for its morphological characteristics of the marine environment. At a height of 12 m a plateau is made of volcanic rock which falls along a vertical wall colored by astroides, anemones, and sponges to the bottom of black sand, and then sinks in to the deep and dark waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Where it is easy to meet with groupers, moray eels, bream, and turbot.  This dive traces ideally the geological history of stromboli and is considered unique in the world for the extraordinary volcanic landscape.

Secca di Scirocco

Depth: Max 54, Difficulty: difficult, Visibility: good, Current: High A dive for experts with an advanced licesnse begins at about a twenty feet depth, in front of the Lena Point area where the wall is colored by huge sea fans, sinks into the deep blue. At the base of the wall large boulders forming canyons are inhabited by groupers, forkbeards, barracuda and moray eels. Scuba diving is only possible if the sea conditions are very calm.

La Secca di Mezzo

Depth: 25 m Difficulty: easy, Visibility: good Current: High La Secca di Mezzo is situated between Ficogrande and Strombolicchio about 500m from the shore it is a simple immersion that suits even beginners, but diving is reccomended only when the sea is flat. In this area it is not difficult to find schools of barracuda, large golden anf brown grouper and looking out from the crevices of the wall hidden octopus and moray eels.

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