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Holidays on Vulcano with your children

The choice of a place where to have holidays with little children is never easy; there are many factors that influence the choice before booking. Each child needs a lot of attention, and therefore of places where to play and to enjoy in safe and adequate way. Among all the isles of the Aeolian archipelago, Vulcano surely is perfect, because of its morphology and its logistic, to have a holiday, in pursuit of relax for the adults, and of amusement for children.

Why to choose Vulcano?

The touristic part of the island is not very big, and permits to move on foot. Thanks to its flat morphology you can comfortably move even with strollers and trolleys. The beach of Sabbie Nere on Vulcano is situated in a gulf quite totally protected from  streams. The sea sweetly thins out, permitting the kids to play in water in total safety. The thin sand is an ideal material for a tough castle. There are numerous lidi and  locations, equipped in order to satisfy needs and desires of kids. They provide food and drinks, showers, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and the alert attention of lifeguards.

Where to stay with children on Vulcano

Vulcano, as every touristic station, has numerous offers of accommodations, succeeding to satisfy all the needs of holiday-makers. In this article we will not point out the specific structure to choose, but we will advise you the most comfortable types of accommodation for a family.

The hotels are always an optimal solution to have a family holiday because you can enjoy your holiday without thinking about the cleaning of rooms. Some of the hotels of Vulcano are provided with the swimming-pool with a lifeguard and a private lido (beachfront resort), well-appreciated by parents and children.

The residences of Vulcano are small studio-apartments, or two-room apartments, with a veranda which faces at a wide internal garden, a perfect place where children can interact and play.

The holiday houses are an optimal solution for a family holiday; they grant a major independence and privacy, and above all they are good under the economic point of view.

Vulcano’s Camping

There is only one structure which offers this kind of service: the village Togo-Togo, situated a few steps away from the Beach of Sabbie Nere, at the distance of 10 minutes on foot  from the touristic centre of the island.

Things to do and to see with children on Vulcano

Snorkeling: some diving clubs of the island organize tours of duration of half a day for children, in order to discover the most typical sea bottoms of the island.

Diving: if your children are more than ten years old, they can immerse into depths (max 12 m) accompanied by an expert guide, and after having done an qualification course.


If your children like walking and discovering wild places, the climb of the crater is an activity that can be done with the whole family. You need around 45 minutes to reach the peak; some of the stretches are a bit steep , but the route does not evidence dangers or obstacles. It is enough to pay a bit attention , and to near the “solfatare”. The charming views will be impressed in the minds both of adults and children.


Another activity to be done with the whole family is the discover of Vulcanello by bike. This little peninsula is well-known for its Monsters’ Valley, a place where volcanic sediments assume fantastic shapes resembling some species of animals.

Thermal springs:

As opposed to the mud pools so successful between the adults, but forbidden to the kids, in this place the baby tourists are welcome because it is about three pools of thermal springs with different temperatures, and with tens of tens spurts for hydro-massage.