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Volcanic Experience

The Aeolian Islands have origin from the eternal struggle between sea and the bowels of the earth, from the unstoppable strength of lava, which centimetre after centimetre, grain after grain, managed to win them against god Neptune from deep waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. A millenary war still lasting.

The magnificence of the volcano of Stromboli struggles yet today with the implacable anger of the lord of the abysses, who tries to get back the territories which were robbed to him. Entering in contact with the volcanic origins of these places is an amazing experience which will remain impressed like a motive of conversation and of pride in the memories of everybody who visits them. Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes of the world, and its explosive eruptions occur on average every 15 minutes; the conquest of the peak, even if very difficult, deserves new emotions. The history of Stromboli starts around 200 thousands of years ago, the period when the first crater emerged: Strombolichhio, of which only the volcanic neck (solidified volcanic eruption channel) is today visible. The island’s foundations, as they appear today, emerged 150 thousand of years ago; the stratifications of lava emissions , and pyroclastic, in the course of millennia, created what today is the second highest peak of the Aeolians.

The climb towards the peak of Stromboli (named after the local idiom “Iddu”) can occur only if you are accompanied by a volcanologic guide, and starts from San Vincenzo Square. The whole route is an unmatched inebriation of colours and fragrances, surrounded by unique landscapes which transform it into an exciting experience. The climb lasts around 2,5 hours, with stretches of elevated slopes alternated with those more plain, useful for rest. Once reached the peak the view is assured, the explosions follow one another, and the starry sky is like the frame of the volcanic activity of Iddu (He), which with its rumbles, is able to strike terror even to the most fearless of the explorers. For those who do not want to afford this demanding climb, but at the same time do not want to give up this amazing view, anyway they can admire it from the sea. During the sunset there are various boats who organize excursions under the Sciara del fuoco; it is properly in the sea that the pyroclastic materials of the eruptions are poured. The eruptions provoke amazing clouds of water vapour. The excursion via sea finishes quite always with an aperitif in a small village of Ginostra, where in past the littlest port of the world was situated. Another option is that of the dinner at Osservatorio, an old building “converted” into a restaurant-pizzeria, where it is possible to have a characteristic dinner at candlelight, enjoying the lights and the rumbles of volcanic eruptions under the limpid and unmatched starry sky.