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Stromboli the black pearl Stromboli,The islands

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Stromboli- the black pearl A high bluff broken in to small beaches with black sand alternating between caves and inlets. The white Mediterranean houses, the green from palm and olive trees and citrus trees all rest on a baron but fascinating volcanic cone, in the middle o fan intense blue sea. This is the black pearl that has always attracted people looking for uncontaminated nature and total relax. “Iddu” and incredible volcanic island on the sea bubbles giving a unique show that reaches it’s peak during the night with explosions and lapilli launches, with a starry sky as it’s background….

Volcanic Experience Aeolian islands,Stromboli,Tour

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Volcanic Experience The Aeolian Islands have origin from the eternal struggle between sea and the bowels of the earth, from the unstoppable strength of lava, which centimetre after centimetre, grain after grain, managed to win them against god Neptune from deep waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. A millenary war still lasting. The magnificence of the volcano of Stromboli struggles yet today with the implacable anger of the lord of the abysses, who tries to get back the territories which were robbed to him. Entering in contact with the volcanic origins of these places is an amazing experience which will remain…

What to see at Stromboli Stromboli

What to see at Stromboli Once arrived at Scari , where the port is located, you immediately notice the charm of this island surrounded by the colors and flavors unique to this high cliffs broken by small jet-black sand beaches and caves, the white Mediterranean houses, the green palm trees, olive trees, citrus trees resting upon a harsh but fascinating volcanic cone in a sea of ​​intense blue. Leaving the port there is a road that leads directly into the town, this steep slope plunges into the green prickly pears, the caper plants, the colorful geraniums and bougainvilleas and typical…