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Stromboli the black pearl Standard

aeolian Islands Stromboli

Stromboli- the black pearl A high bluff broken in to small beaches with black sand alternating between caves and inlets. The white Mediterranean houses, the green from palm and olive trees and citrus trees all rest on a baron but fascinating volcanic cone, in the middle o fan intense blue sea. This is the black pearl that has always attracted people looking for uncontaminated nature and total relax. “Iddu” and incredible volcanic island on the sea bubbles giving a unique show that reaches it’s peak during the night with explosions and lapilli launches, with a starry sky as it’s background….

Vulcano Standard

Vulcano aeolian islands

Vulcano Vulcano, among all, is the island referring to that ideal relationship of man with the primeval, the need to feel himself a part of nature which includes all the necessary of psycho-physical welfare of man. The man’s action, operated on the island, is applicable as agreement and a perfect balance, strongly wanted by those who love this kind of paradise. Only great technique and nature are able to release this kind of purpose: to interfere with the environment, without however damaging the nature, with the only purpose to find out the already present resources. It is not a case…

Panarea Standard

Panarea island

Panarea One of the most famous and aspired destinations of the international tourism ,Panarea enchants from ages wayfarers, artists, musicians, and stylists, who transformed it into an ideal scenery where to spend their holidays. A mix of history , nature, culture, and social life, which melt together to give you a unique atmosphere… Welcome to Panarea, 3,5 sq. km full of charm and beauty, where the joyful islander’s vitality will donate you both moments of full social life and sensations of peace and fulfilment, while discovering lone paths and small inhabited isles. Its coasts, so beautiful as the sea which…

Salina Standard

Pollara aeolian islands salina

Salina A pristine sea, charming sunsets, which seem to disappear into the sea; colours, perfumes, and tastes, make of this island a right dimension to have a holiday there. From the Sicilian coast, you can easily identify Salina thanks to the contours of its two mountains, situated there. That’s the reason why the Greeks called it Didyme (twins), but only when you near it, you fully appreciate the real identity of this place; more the soil’s island than the sea’s one. The Aeolian Garden, far away from the reflector’s lights, and avoiding busy rhythms of the modern life, is a…

Lipari Standard

Marina Corta Lipari

Lipari From the touristic point of view Lipari is the island which represents the right compromise between leisure, amusement and natural beauties. It is the largest island of the Aeolian Archipelago, presenting a high number of services and structures. That is why it is considered suitable for city dwellers, too. The center is full of shops’ variety which extend along a boulevard, where to enjoy pleasant afternoons of shopping, and delightful evenings in the most renowned restaurants for their food and wine specialties. From touristic point of view Lipari is not only an appreciable destination for its landscapes’ beauty, on…