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Lipari Aeolian Islands

From the touristic point of view Lipari is the island which represents the right compromise between leisure, amusement and natural beauties. It is the largest island of the Aeolian Archipelago, presenting a high number of services and structures. That is why it is considered suitable for city dwellers, too.

The center is full of shops’ variety which extend along a boulevard, where to enjoy pleasant afternoons of shopping, and delightful evenings in the most renowned restaurants for their food and wine specialties. From touristic point of view Lipari is not only an appreciable destination for its landscapes’ beauty, on the contrary it can be considered as an artistic and a cultural pearl: the whole history of the Aeolian Islands is concentrated on the Lipari Island. The archaeological museum keeps finds, which constitute the evidence of more than 5000 years of archipelago’s and island’s civilization.