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The Civic Museum of Santa Marina

Paying a ticket to travel through history is possible only thanks to museums. Each museum is a magic place , a crossing of different chronologies, a joint of various sceneries whose fashion consists in the fact that man is the main character, in his every form and variation. The millenary traces of the man are kept in museums, the precious treasures permitting to know the geniality, the creativity, and the great beauty which crosses the whole man’s history, from the pre-history till nowadays. On the amazing island of Salina , in Santa Marina, you can admire the ruins of the Roman thermae, and some of the traces of the Bronze Age. The Civic Museum is not constituted of only one building; it is about three different buildings; each of them keeping different aspects of the history of Salina. The finds dating back to the Bronze Age of Portella , and the ruins of the Roman thermae are situated in Archaeological Museum. The Ethno-Anthropological Museum is situated in the house dating back to the first half of the 19th century. In the rooms of this has a typical background of that period is re-created.