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Lone, pristine and timeless, Alicudi is one of the seven islands of the Aeolian Archipelago which, during the globalisation era when we all are citizens of the world, permits the man to be reconciled with the original relationship between the nature and the essential. There are no cars or well- asphalted streets. There is only the ancient beauty of long walks to do upon rustic paths, connected roads, and a long staircase; or upon mules, a unique means of transport, which facilitate the harshest routes. In Alicudi the possibility to be surprised with a little and to discover the essential, is given. The landscapes of Alicudi tell the history of a population capable to permit the survival, through time, of love for its land, the strength and the courage of who knows and wants to live with a little, that kind of a little that for the islanders is all. It’s about a reciprocal relationship: the inhabitants love their land, work it, take care of it, and the land gives them the results back. You can admire the terraces of cultivated zones, the colourful fishermen’s boats, which never lack the unique flavour of fresh fish. Alicudi is like beautiful but damned women, having unique fashion, but being harsh and biting at the same time. It is about the island of wild appearance, hostile forms, because of the particular morphology, determined by ancient explosions of the volcano which marked its profiles.

Going all over the paths of Alicudi is surely not simple, but the landscapes and the views which it gives, repays all the efforts. Alicudi is the paradise suitable for those who are looking for peace, calm and complete relax; to those who want to stay far from the most advanced technology. Alicudi is completely extraneous to urban sounds to which we are nearly used to; the unique sounds are those of nature. There are no pubs, discos or wine pubs, but only the ingenuity of the inhabitants who do not lose occasion to meet and enjoy pleasant moments of staying together. You will find yourselves immersed into an atmosphere of ancient flavour, you will feel yourselves surrounded by wild, and at the same time, sweet nature with its winding and narrow valleys and a beautiful sea as a few in the world.