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Salina A pristine sea, charming sunsets, which seem to disappear into the sea; colours, perfumes, and tastes, make of this island a right dimension to have a holiday there. From the Sicilian coast, you can easily identify Salina thanks to the contours of its two mountains, situated there. That’s the reason why the Greeks called it Didyme (twins), but only when you near it, you fully appreciate the real identity of this place; more the soil’s island than the sea’s one. The Aeolian Garden, far away from the reflector’s lights, and avoiding busy rhythms of the modern life, is a…

What to see in Salina Standard

What to see in Salina The main slipway of the island is that of Santa Marina where a touristic port is also situated; on the south-western side, instead, there is the Rinella slipway. The whole island is connected by comfortable rotating roads, which intertwine along the slopes of the mountains, crossing lavic flows of amazing shapes. The best way to visit the island is surely to hire a scooter or a car, anyhow during the summer period an efficient bus service goes on till late evening. The commune of Santa Marina rises upon the slopes of the Fossa delle Felci,…