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Malvasia’s Tour – Salina Aeolian islands,Salina,Tour

malvasia tour

Malvasia’s Tour – Salina Duration: 2 days Location: Salina Best season: September-October Salina, from everlasting called the green island, is a seat of an already extinct volcano, whose regular, but at the same time, sharp traces, shape the territory and nourish the soil, giving birth to the nectar known as Malvasia of Lipari. This tour offers the rediscovery of places and traditions bound to Malvasia. In a few days you will have the possibility to taste flavours dating back to ancient times. Brief History of Malvasia The farmer’s calling and the well-being, produced by them are evident in the political…

La granita Aeolian islands,Curiosity


La granita The Aeolian islands are the reign of Eolus, the god of the wind, that wind that in course of millennia accompanied different populations far from their mother earth towards those islands so harsh and wild, but at the same time, so beautiful and pure. The conqueror populations, guests, and sometimes discoverers, each of them contributed to the creation of a complex puzzle, today making part of the vast traditional Sicilian cooking. A relevant example of this mix of flavours and traditions created one of the milestones of the Sicilian confectionary, its majesty the granita, an uncontested protagonist of…

The Aeolian Characteristic Products Aeolian islands


The Aeolian Characteristic Products The Aeolian Isles are well-known for their good typical products, making the Aeolian cooking one of the most peculiar and variegated cooking of the national culinary panorama. It is about a cooking full of opposing flavours. The history of the Aeolian Islands is the following of different cultures which mixing and unifying, left a rich culinary heritage, different flavours , which wisely bound, give us unique and peculiar tastes. Each recipe is based upon the use of herbs which, thanks to a masterly use, make the dishes full of flavour and unexpected sensations. The Aeolian Capers…