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The Aeolian Architecture Standard


The Aeolian Architecture The “urban” aspect of the islands is an evident trace of a long history made up of invasions of different populations, and also of the fusion of various cultures which have indelibly marked the modus vivendi of the islanders. The peculiar architecture of the island is an evidence of it. The commercial influences, the geographical position and the consequences of numerous invasions shaped a particular architecture , which in its parts highlighted the necessity and the anxiety of a population who continually struggles against the harsh territory ,in order to assure the indispensible for its surviving. Notwithstanding…

La granita Standard


La granita The Aeolian islands are the reign of Eolus, the god of the wind, that wind that in course of millennia accompanied different populations far from their mother earth towards those islands so harsh and wild, but at the same time, so beautiful and pure. The conqueror populations, guests, and sometimes discoverers, each of them contributed to the creation of a complex puzzle, today making part of the vast traditional Sicilian cooking. A relevant example of this mix of flavours and traditions created one of the milestones of the Sicilian confectionary, its majesty the granita, an uncontested protagonist of…

Cinema Standard

Cinema aeolian islands

Cinema The birth of cinema left a strong print in the cultural background of the islanders, changing in this way the Aeolians’ essence. The first to promote the amazing landscapes of the Aeolian archipelago were the founders of Panaria Film: Francesco Alliata from Villafranca, Quintino from Naples, Pietro Moncada, and Renzo Avanzo, Rossellini’s cousin. These prominent personalities of the ‘40s, with the aid of their handmade equipment ,and rudimental techniques, created a diving suit for a movie camera, in order to realize shoots in apnoea. Their techniques became more elaborated with the production of a series of documentaries: Bianche Eolie…