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Excursion of Great Crater – Vulcano Standard

path to crater vulcano

Excursion of Great Crater – Vulcano The island of Vulcano is named after the Roman god Vulcanus; its activity is in state of dormancy, but it is possible to observe some phenomena called “fumarole” , thermal and mud springs which attest its state of activity. In Roman mythology the island of Vulcano is considered the place where the Hephaestus workshops’, god of Fire, were situated. For those who cannot give up a naturalistic excursion, the visit of the Great Crater is a must. The path leading to the peak is situated about 5 minutes on foot from Levante harbour, the…

Rite of broom Vulcano Standard

Rite of broom vulcano

Rite of broom The yellow colour of brooms which enchanted Leopardi, the beauty of the nature which overwhelms and fascinates, the splendour of finished and unfinished nature , have always attracted the attention of man who remains in a religious admiration in front of such immense and generous views. The Vulcano island, of a majestic and imperious beauty, is famous for the Sagra della Ginestra ( Festival of the Broom), the event organized in June, lasts three days or the whole week, with programs varying each year. These are the days dedicated to amusement, there is celebration in the air,…

History of Vulcano Standard

History of Vulcano “Therassia”, literally “land of heat”, is an ancient name of the island sacred to the god Vulcano. The Vulcano island is recognized at mythological level, in Greek tradition, as a seat of Hephaestus’ forges, the god of fire, technology and metallurgy. We cannot evade the Latin derivation and the mythological meaning gave by the Romans to god Hephaestus, in fact, the Roman mythological tradition identifies Hephaestus with god Vulcano, from whom the present name of the island derives. It is said that god Vulcano, helped by Cyclops, forged the arms for gods. As we learn from literature…

Scuba Diving Vulcano Standard

Diving Vulcano Clear waters full of life , the history made of eruptions, seaquakes, invasions, and piracy have always attracted sailors and tourists from all over the world. In spite of the touristic vocation this destination acquired during the last 50 years, it is possible to affirm that man’s intervention has not mutated or changed the wonderful landscape and such evocative and wonderful sea. Such multi-coloured seabed, a rocky coast full of creeks, stacks and caves, made of Vulcano the favourite destination for all those who are fond of scuba diving. There are a lot of sites where you can…

Thermal muds Vulcano Standard

thermal muds vulcano

Thermal muds The natural lake of warm muds is the perfect result of the balance between the intervention of man, and nature. The artificial human intervention has not changed anything of an already existing natural heritage; on the contrary, works of removal of the soil’s crust, did in the 60s of the twentieth century to create a volcanic lake , permitted a man to better overwork the properties of the place, without artificially changing its original qualities. The volcanic lake has emissions of water from lower slope with a presence of vapours of sulphur, anhydrite, metal saults, and natural radioactivity….

Crater’s excursion vulcano Standard

vulcano excursion

Crater’s excursion The island of Vulcano is named by the Roman god Vulcanus; its activity is in a state of dormancy, but it is possible to observe some phenomena as fumaroles, thermal springs, and muds which prove its state of activity. In the Roman mythology the Vulcano island is considered a place where the forges of Hephaestus, the god of Fire were situated. For those who are not able to give up a naturalistic excursion, the visit to the Great Crater is a MUST. The path leading to the peak is situated at about 5 minutes on foot from Levante…

Beaches of Vulcano Standard

beach asino

Beaches of Vulcano Black sand The island of Vulcano is famous almost all over the world for its black beaches, Porto di Ponente, called so for the sand’s colour of volcanic origin. Crystalline sea waters are like a mirror for the intense black lava stones, which do not deny, under the sun rays, that effect so similar to crystals; all this only for tourists’ pleasure who love to enjoy the spontaneous artistic production of nature which creates and offers superior sights, for purity and beauty, in comparison to those created by man.   Fumarole beach Fumarole beach is peculiar because…

Things to see Standard


Things to see in Vulcano Climbing the crater Climbing the crater is like to climb over the Ferris wheel. The path you have to go through along the side of the mountain offers charming views upon the archipelago: in the foreground the Vulcanello peninsula, in front of it Lipari with Salina at the left, Filicudi in the distance ( during particularly clear days you can also see Alicudi), Panarea at the right, together with its islands, and Stromboli in the background. The walk is strenuous but natural wonders make the effort more pleasant. While climbing the smell of sulphur becomes…

Vulcano Standard

Vulcano aeolian islands

Vulcano Vulcano, among all, is the island referring to that ideal relationship of man with the primeval, the need to feel himself a part of nature which includes all the necessary of psycho-physical welfare of man. The man’s action, operated on the island, is applicable as agreement and a perfect balance, strongly wanted by those who love this kind of paradise. Only great technique and nature are able to release this kind of purpose: to interfere with the environment, without however damaging the nature, with the only purpose to find out the already present resources. It is not a case…