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Things to see Vulcano


Things to see in Vulcano Climbing the crater Climbing the crater is like to climb over the Ferris wheel. The path you have to go through along the side of the mountain offers charming views upon the archipelago: in the foreground the Vulcanello peninsula, in front of it Lipari with Salina at the left, Filicudi in the distance ( during particularly clear days you can also see Alicudi), Panarea at the right, together with its islands, and Stromboli in the background. The walk is strenuous but natural wonders make the effort more pleasant. While climbing the smell of sulphur becomes…

Vulcano The islands,Vulcano

Vulcano aeolian islands

Vulcano Vulcano, among all, is the island referring to that ideal relationship of man with the primeval, the need to feel himself a part of nature which includes all the necessary of psycho-physical welfare of man. The man’s action, operated on the island, is applicable as agreement and a perfect balance, strongly wanted by those who love this kind of paradise. Only great technique and nature are able to release this kind of purpose: to interfere with the environment, without however damaging the nature, with the only purpose to find out the already present resources. It is not a case…