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Thermal muds Vulcano Standard

thermal muds vulcano

Thermal muds The natural lake of warm muds is the perfect result of the balance between the intervention of man, and nature. The artificial human intervention has not changed anything of an already existing natural heritage; on the contrary, works of removal of the soil’s crust, did in the 60s of the twentieth century to create a volcanic lake , permitted a man to better overwork the properties of the place, without artificially changing its original qualities. The volcanic lake has emissions of water from lower slope with a presence of vapours of sulphur, anhydrite, metal saults, and natural radioactivity….

The island’s tour by boat Standard

trip by boat panarea

The island’s tour by boat The best way to fully enjoy the rocky coasts full of bays, coves, and caves is surely the tour of the island via sea. The whole Aeolian coastal area has landscapes of an extraordinary beauty and uniqueness, but the sea of Panarea stands out for the presence of these islands: Basiluzzo, Bottaro, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca and Lisca Nera which, together with the island form a stand-alone archipelago situated upon the unique volcanic complex. The Panarea coasts, beyond being the demonstration of the powerful volcanic nature of the place, collect in a short stretch of sea…

Castle of Lipari Standard

Castle Of Lipari

The Castle of Lipari As soon as you arrive to Lipari it is hard to avoid the sight of the 15th century mighty wall of Castello. . The castle’s area had been populated from the Neolithic era (4000 B.C.), and every civilization which settled there left an indelible print upon the area’s architecture. The archeological excavations have pointed out the overlap of the cultures , following each other during the centuries, a true paradise for the archeologists. The castle is surrounded by a long wall, built by the Spanish under Karl V domination around the middle 1500. Karl V ,…

Ginostra Standard

aeolian islands ginostra

Ginostra The small village of Ginostra is situated on the south west part of the island and up until a few years ago it held the record of the smallest port in the world: il pertuso – the hole.  Set in the rocks it allowed access to only one boat at a time and contained only three embarkments, the others were pulled in with the help of characteristic beams of wood on which the boat sild onto. For bigger boat this however was impossible so they were usually reached by a smaller boat often with oars once reached but the…