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Excursion of Great Crater – Vulcano Standard

path to crater vulcano

Excursion of Great Crater – Vulcano The island of Vulcano is named after the Roman god Vulcanus; its activity is in state of dormancy, but it is possible to observe some phenomena called “fumarole” , thermal and mud springs which attest its state of activity. In Roman mythology the island of Vulcano is considered the place where the Hephaestus workshops’, god of Fire, were situated. For those who cannot give up a naturalistic excursion, the visit of the Great Crater is a must. The path leading to the peak is situated about 5 minutes on foot from Levante harbour, the…

Salina excursions Standard

brigantino path

Salina excursions Salina, not without a reason, called the “green pearl”, has the richest vegetation of the whole archipelago, making it an unmissable destination for all the lovers of the nature. The second island has the first and the third peaks in extension of the whole archipelago; the territory is green even in summer thanks to its mounts’ action, which steal humidity from clouds giving it back to the soil. The climate, milder because of the sea’s action, even in winter period, is sunny , and the temperatures rarely go under 10°C. In spring the nature awakes from the winter’s…

Excursions Stromboli Standard


Excursions on the crater The repeated and constant eruptions are always accompanied by the emission of bombs and lapilli that during the night to create a real fireworks show. The observation from Pizzo the top is a unique and exciting experience where many explosions change in both intensity and type. The phenomenon is relatively safe to watch at the observation point from Pizzo over the pit. The volcano of Stromboli, well known already for its continuous eruptive activity, apparently calm hides in its depths a constant whirlwind. The volcanic activity in 2002 led to the collapse of part of the…